Moving west of Toronto offers more bang for your buck

map of cities west of Toronto

The last five years have seen an incredible shift in real estate sales.  Affordable housing has pushed many buyers outside of Toronto, and the real estate market in communities such as Halton Hills and West Toronto has boomed.

Due to such high demand for housing in these areas, there are a record number of new communities rising up in and around cities such as Burlington, Oakville, Halton Hills, and Milton.  As a result of this shift, sales are declining in many areas of GTA: namely the regions of York, Peel, and Durham. 

For the price of a two-bedroom condo in downtown Toronto, buyers are finding fully detached homes in Milton; for the total cost of renovating a fixer-upper in Bloor West, a buyer can enjoy a brand-new home built to their specifications in Burlington.  These communities are being moulded by like-minded individuals and families that are looking for more bang for their buck.

As more and more jobs offer non-traditional hours and work-from-home options, commuting from the west is not as daunting a task as it once was.  These communities are built with the commuter in mind, often close to transit options to take you straight into the city.  Gone are the long mornings of stop-and-go traffic and road rage, replaced by quiet train rides and podcasts.

Within these new communities, residents are offered more greenspace than they would ever see in a Toronto home of the same price.  These are quieter neighborhoods where kids play outside and parents know each other by name.  These communities offer features that money just cannot buy.

Renters in Toronto are paying increasingly unaffordable prices, diminishing any hope of ever being able to buy their own homes in the city.  Those who own homes in Toronto are noticing skyrocketing property taxes and resale values. 

If you haven’t made the move west of Toronto yet, what are you waiting for? It is the perfect time to take a look at what you can get if you are willing to look a little further from the downtown core.  Check out what $500,000 will get you in various parts of the country by clicking here.

The real estate market is always changing.  If you are thinking of buying outside of Toronto, there is no better time than the present – while housing in these communities is still affordable.  The value of property in these areas are growing every year, so whether you are an empty nester looking to downsize, a millennial looking for a family home, or an investor looking to make some real estate gains, now is the time to capitalize on the booming trend of moving west of Toronto