Burlington’s age-friendly community is fast becoming a haven for retirees

Elderly women sitting on a bench
Elderly women sitting on a bench

In recent years, Burlington has seen an increasing number of retirees settling in the lakeside city.  With affordable housing, amazing views, and a thriving seniors’ community, it only makes sense that Burlington has become one of the favourite spots in Ontario for retirees.

With real estate prices at a record high in many cities across Canada, Burlington offers fantastic value at affordable prices.  Whether you are looking to be part of a retirement residence, a condo building, or a neighbourhood that still offers room for the grandkids, Burlington has what you’re looking for.  Popping up all over the city are brand-new developments, where retirees can move in without concern for unexpected renovations or repairs.  These developments offer the close-knit community feel of the suburb, location that still allows for an active social life, and visiting room for a growing extended family.

Burlington has proven itself so much more than just a suburb of Toronto.  It has become a destination in itself, with families choosing to buy homes in Burlington because of the city itself and not its proximity to the province’s capital.  Gorgeous lakefront views are accessible from many trails and parks, with many of these areas remaining true to nature and untouched by gentrification.  You can step minutes away from the busy downtown Burlington core and find yourself surrounded by the awe-inspiring beauty and quiet radiance of nature; you can venture a few minutes farther and enjoy the breathtaking views offered from the Burlington Waterfront Trail.  All this and you can still be home for supper.

Perhaps the biggest draw to Burlington for retirees and pre-retirees is the flourishing seniors’ community.  The Burlington Seniors’ Centre alone has over 3,000 members and continues to grow.  Burlington has in place a city-wide Adults 55+ program, which offers learning opportunities, recreational activities, day trips, social programming, and more to the city’s residents.  The city also has in place an Active Aging Plan, which came to fruition as a result of the growing number of Canadians choosing to retire to Burlington.  This plan focuses on areas such as transportation, social inclusion, and respect in order to create and maintain an accessible and equitable community not only for the 55+ age group, but for all residents of Burlington – regardless of age or ability.  You can view the Burlington Active Aging Plan in its entirety here.

If you are looking for a quiet, welcoming community where you can slow down and enjoy your retirement while also keeping an active social life and if you are looking for a city offering affordability as well as convenience and beauty, Burlington is the place for you. 

“Burlington is a caring and age-friendly city where citizens enjoy healthy, active lives and feel safe, connected and valued as they reach their full potential.”

–       Burlington Vision Statement, as posted on the Burlington.ca website.